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Signalization in Navigation

List of lights, marks and signals: List of lights, marks and signals:

  Nautical marks:
- lateral marks;
- cardinal marks;
- mark of lonely danger;
- mark of safe waters;
- special marks;
- mark of new danger;
- mark of forbidden anchorage.
- international Morse signals and usual signals;
- croatian fonetic alphabet and numerical marks;
- international fonetic alphabet and numerical marks;
- flag signalization;
- signals with one and with two letters;
- recommended signals in harbours traffic.



Lighthouse is most important nautical light, because it makes navigation day and night possible. Almost all lighthouses are built like tower or very notable construction. Usualy are equiped with spare light. Lighthouse
Coastal light marks parts of coast, pasess, channels, harbours approaches and navigatioanal obstacles. Light carrier is usually post with gallery, placed on cylindric, coned, or fourangled tower. Coastal light
Harbour's light denotes entrance in the harbour and accost banks. Light carrier is usually post with bar or tower with post and gallery. Harbour's light
Light marks define position and borders of navigationals obstacles and sailing routes. They can be floating, fixed or stabed, or joint elastic. As result of currents and waves, they can be moved or teared away from position. Light marks
Fog signal (nautofon, siren, bell, horn, fire arms etc.) is usually situated next to the light. Fog signal
Aero light is intended mostly for air traffic and is pointed upwards. Aero
Aeronautical light serves for both nautical and air traffic. Usually, range of that light is greater than other nautical lights. Aeronautical light

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